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Welcome. 11/10/19 update.
There is a lot of activity happening right now regarding Water Gremlin. They were shut down Monday 10/28 for 72 hours due to the ongoing issues lead issues that Ramsey County and others have been working with them on for over a year to correct. 12 children of workers have elevated levels of lead in their blood. And more.

After three hearings in Ramsey County court, the lead portion of their operations is back online as of Wed. November 6. There are several criteria that need to be met to satisfy lead safety concerns. Additionally, the MPCA issued another Administrative Order last Tuesday, November 5th, reveling several significant issues with storm water, hazardous waste handing and more and requiring a laundry list of fixes.

The VOC operations continue to be shut down. It appears, based on recent White Bear Press coverage, some buyers are now willing to convert to battery terminals that are cleaned with a water-based product, not a VOC product.

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In March, the MPCA announced a stipulation agreement had been signed with Water Gremlin. As the White Bear area community began to read the agreement, we learned we had been exposed to highly excessive levels of TCE for 17 years.

How excessive? Water Gremlin was permitted to release 10 tons of TCE per year. Over 17 years, they released more than 1000 tons into the White Bear area community. (Page 9, Stipulation Agreement)

To learn more about what happened from the NCCG community perspective, click here for a series of articles summarizing our findings and research.

Citizens are fearful about health impacts and environmental damages. The community is asking a lot of questions of the MPCA, the MDH and our local and state officials to understand.

We have health concerns for children living in the area during the 17 years of excessive pollution. And, we’re worried about the children who have attended elementary school ‘in the zone’.

White Bear Area Citizen

Join us as we learn more about the Water Gremlin contamination issues.

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Our Strategic Focus:

Understand the Past
Water Gremlin has exposed our community to unsafe levels of TCE and possibly other pollutants since 2002 or earlier. We need to know the full scope of the incident in order to identify health needs of current and past residents, workers and students in our neighborhood.

I want to know what the real pollution was so that I can help my kids understand what they need to watch for as they move on into the next stage of their lives.

White Bear Area / Whitaker Resident

Protect the Future
We are working to ensure that Water Gremlin stays in compliance with the stipulation agreement, that the community is informed if they are out of compliance and to ensure that the replacement to TCE is the best alternative – for the community and the environment.

We have been asked repeatedly by community members – Are we safe with the new chemical and pollution control equipment? What other VOCs are in the area that we don’t know about?

NCCG Board Member

Maintain Accountability
NCCG is working with elected and regulatory officials to ensure that there is accountability for the citizen’s “right to know” and to ensure a transparent and participatory process with ongoing citizen information and input.

Also, NCCG is working to understand what went wrong and how government, regulatory, industry and citizens can impact different outcomes for our future.  

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