Upcoming Meetings & Important Dates

All are welcome! Attend to share your POV, ask questions and learn from others.

Date TBD
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To learn more about the Water Gremlin exposure issue from the NCCG community perspective, click here for a series of articles summarizing our findings and research.

Summary of Past Meetings

March 28 – Introduction of NCCG and key initiatives
April 11 – Updates on legislative activities
April 22 – MDH and MPCA Guest Speakers & Updates
May 9 – MnTap Guest Speaker
May 23 – Workshop Observations & Questions on Work Plan
June 5 – NCCG Update on Work Plan, Legislative season and POV on Cancer Database. Plus; session on “why this matters to you”.
June 26 – NCCG Update, plus overview of resources (Website, Facebook page, etc) to share with others
July 17 – Updates on WG permit extensions, community air monitors and Stipulation Agreement
July 31 – MDH representatives shared information on the Public Health Assessment they are working on.
August 14 – NCCG board members provided updates on activities
August 27 – MPCA hosted community meeting
August 28 – NCCG meeting – discussing reaction to what was heard the night before and next steps.
September 11 – MnTap presentation on work with auto shops and the way that they advise companies on pollution control
October 9 – Review of key activities/accomplishments by NCCG and the community. Discussion regarding path forward.
November 13 – Ramsey County guest speaker
December 12 – General updates
January 16 – Discussion on recent events
February 13 – Guest Speaker, Conservation MN. Phasing out TCE
March 12 – Cancelled due to COVID
April 23 – ZOOM meeting – legislative updates, remediation round 2 site update, plans for remediation round 3, building permits and VOC permits.
May 20, 2020 – Conservation Minnesota Guest Speaker – via Zoom
October 7, 2020 – NCCG Panel – Conservation MN
October 21, Community Meeting – what to expect with upcoming permit
March 17 – Minor Permit Approval, Legislation, Major permit updates
While it’s been a while since we’ve met in person – NCCG continues to meet regularly with MPCA, MDH and state, county and local government to monitor progress on Water Gremlin and to advocate for the community. Additionally, please follow our social channels for information as it becomes available.
Feb 17, 2022 – Updates on 1,4 Dioxane, Remediation, Permit and More.

If you have funds available to help support our efforts, please reach out to Sherry at NeighborsUnite55110@gmail.com.