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NCCG submitted a request to the Office of Legislative Auditor to investigate the Water Gremlin pollution issue.
Coverage by WCCO
As seen in the White Bear Press

Township’s Position on Water Gremlin
…”The Board has been dismayed, to say the least, at Water Gremlin’s failure to grasp the many opportunities it has been given to comply since the beginning of the year.

At this point, the Board will continue to observe the situation and defer to the rightful authority, the MPCA, as the agency has preemptive authority over the Township in these matters. If there is a responsibility that falls upon the Township as directed by the MPCA, we will act accordingly.

From the Governor
Jennifer Mayerle shared an interview with Governor Walz over two segments. The first shares his thoughts on Water Gremlin the second talks about TCE .

Coverage on the responses to Senator Chamberlain’s requests of various state, county and legal agencies to investigate Water Gremlin.
Pioneer Press
State Legislative Auditor will investigate MPCA for it’s handling of Water Gremlin Pollution
Ramsey County Attorney to review concerns around Water Gremlin
Legislative auditor to investigate MPCA’s role in Water Gremlin controversy

Senator Roger Chamberlain requests investigation into Water Gremlin and, into how the MPCA has handled this issue.
Call on Ramsey County Attorney and Legislative Audit to investigate.

Call on Gov. Walz, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Sheriff Fletcher to investigate.

The White Bear Press has written many articles on the Water Gremlin issue. Here are links to the articles from the last couple of weeks. (Posted 9/2/19).
Water Gremlin Stands it’s Contaminated Ground (Regarding refusal to voluntarily shut down.)
Water Gremlin to voluntarily discontinue tDCE Use (Article about Water Gremlin agreeing to shut down operations temporarily.)
Water Gremlin Ordered to Stop Coating Operations (Story about the MPCA shut down of Water Gremlin through a rarely used Administrative Order process.)

Tuesday, August 27, the MPCA hosted a community meeting in White Bear Lake to share the recent discoveries of inadequate pollution control equipment to the community. A variety of media were present and covered the story. Key take-aways included:
* The MPCA having no confidence of the ability of Water Gremlin to control tDCE in the plant.
* A concerning amount of tDCE in the soil, especially after just 4 months of operation.
* A lack of trust by both the community and the MPCA, compounded after Water Gremlin held on to reports showing ground contamination for 40 days, instead of reporting in 48 hours. (And, they continued to operate, as well as refused to shut down voluntarily when asked by the MPCA to do so on Thursday, August 15.)
Also see WCCO for ongoing, regular stories on this issue.

TCE pollution is not just a White Bear issue. It is happening across the state of MN and across the country.

“University of California San Francisco scientist Veena Singla said that when it comes to chemicals like TCE, there are no safe levels of exposure.”….

“We know it can cause cancer by any route of exposure,” University of California San Francisco scientist Veena Singla said. “So what that means is whether you breathe it in, whether you drink it in contaminated water… we’re concerned about all those exposures.”

“…I think no company wants to be in a situation like Water Gremlin,” Smith said. Smith said the MPCA relied on accurate reports, which they didn’t get– and is firm in saying the company should’ve known right away. “Their obligation is to know. At all levels of the organization,  from the CEO down to the operational person,” Smith said.

Thanks WCCO and Jennifer Mayerle for continuing to shed light on what happened in the White Bear area. It can happen anywhere in MN. WCCO story – aired on June 25, 2019

In addition to TCE risk being real, lead is also an issue. ...3.6% of kids of Water Gremlin employees had an elevated blood lead level. “That’s concerning all the way around,” Kelly said. That reflects some of their work practices needed or need to be improved to try to prevent that sort of thing.” WCCO & Jennifer Mayerle on June 17, 2019

An important issue we tracked and worked on this legislative session at Conservation Minnesota was the bipartisan proposal to ban the industrial solvent trichloroethylene, more commonly known as TCE. 

“When something significant happens to your community like this … it’s important to step up to the plate and make sure that you’re living in a safe place, and you’re doing your part to make sure that that happens,” Thanks WCCO for helping to amplify our voice.

We bought the house of our dreams on Goose Lake and we can’t even open the doors because we’re afraid.”

NCCG was a key community group behind this legislation and we worked in partnership with our MN Senators and Representatives from both parties. We also worked very closely with the MPCA and the MDH to craft legislation that would meet their requirements and help satisfy business concerns. Our citizen voice, that was being heard and respected, was silenced in closed door conference committee; due to a heavy push by the Chamber and by lobbyists for industry.

Reality Check: The Capitol’s ‘Cone Of Silence’ Some good perspective on the closed door session from WCCO. The session started off with promises of transparency…and then ended with deals made behind closed doors.

WCCO has been investigating the Water Gremlin story. Click here for stories of citizen health concerns. We still have many questions about what actually happened and the impact to our community.

House Environment and Natural Resources Finance Division 5/23/19 public session. Listen to Commissioner Bishop at the 1hr, 7 min mark. She pledges support for our community, even though the MPCA, Governor and others ultimately did not support the bills they worked with the community to craft. At the 1.11 mark, you’ll hear Representative Lee discuss concerns he has about workers at Water Gremlin. And, finally, at the 1:28 mark, you’ll hear the NCCG letter read on our behalf. If you have time, skip over to 1:32 and hear a citizen talk about mining. (He’s pretty great and entertaining!!)

Senator Chuck Wiger
“…This not only impacts our 3 districts, this impacts all of MN, the impact of TCE. …These are people involuntary who have been exposed.”

“This was a home run. This was an easy one for use….To say that we can’t do this because of the process means that the process isn’t working. …One of the purest ways as a Senator that I enjoy seeing legislation coming around is when it is inspired by citizens getting together and activating. And, asking for some change.”

“…and now we have a body unwilling to act and we are going to hide behind the process. …No reasonable person looking at this situation should say “hey, let’s be on the side of TCE here. …Nobody thinks that’s a good idea.”

“…the only group I know who doesn’t like this is the Chamber.”

Senator Isaacson, May 24, 2019

MN was very close to being the first state to ban TCE, a chemical that is on the top 10 list currently being investigated by the EPA. See letter to editor here for more.

To learn a bit more about NCCG and how we were formed, check out this article from the White Bear Press.

WCCO coverage on the second public meeting hosted by MPCA and MDH. This was just after the stipulation agreement was made public.

“Water Gremlin Shuts Down Production After Violating Air Quality Permit in White Bear Township” is an early story from Fox 9. This was before the community understood how many years this had been going on and the extent of pollution.

White Bear Press coverage of the first community meeting. The community found out after this meeting that MPCA and Water Gremlin were very close to finalizing the stipulation agreement, with the details on the extent of pollution. However, this was not shared until March 1.

To learn more about the Water Gremlin exposure issue from the NCCG community perspective, click here for a series of articles summarizing our findings and research.