NCCG Statement Regarding Administrative Order Allowing Water Gremlin to begin using tDCE again.

Link to 1/17/2020 Administrative Order:
We are very happy employees are able to start working full time again. However, we continue to be concerned about how Water Gremlin operates their business. 

General expectations of good corporate citizens are that, in cases like this, they take the lead on working to get better and they partner with the necessary regulatory agencies.  But, that has not the case with Water Gremlin. Regulatory agencies and county government have mandated (and defended the need for) most all of the changes that have happened over the past year.  They have been at the worksite multiple times a week for months.

There has been no change in Water Gremlin management or floor supervisors, that we are aware of. The culture of Water Gremlin continues to be one where these leaders do not seem to believe that anything significantly wrong has been done by the company. 

Additionally, the community still has significant concerns about the VOC Water Gremlin was just permitted to start using again. tDCE has not been well-studied, and the studies that do exist show significant cause for concern. 

The community continues to be fearful for the day this extensive, tax-payer funded oversight of Water Gremlin ends. Our fear is that, without oversight, they will turn back to business as usual, with little regard for the health and environmental impacts of their operation.