Four Key Action Areas

NCCG met with a bipartisan group of state and local elected officials, as well as the MPCA and MDH.  We asked for four key areas of action to be four key asks for action.

1) Independent analysis of the presence of any pollutants used in Water Gremlin manufacturing (TCE and Lead primarily) in soil, water and air – both onsite and in the surrounding area.
With multiple pollution violations, a history of reporting issues and failure to act in good faith with complete truthfulness, we are concerned about the accuracy of results coming from Water Gremlin. We are seeking transparent and immediate reporting of results from the analyses specified in the settlement, permanent air monitoring, and independent 3rd party analysis of soil and water in areas surrounding the Water Gremlin property.

2) Conduct Health Studies
There is an urgent need to quantify the health of the community compared to population norms. Those studies should include geographic mapping of diseases linked to TCE exposure, cumulative health impact studies looking at compounded impact of multiple sources of pollution, and health monitoring over time if/when additional sources of pollution are found in the water or soil. This will help to inform if there are additional precautions families need to take now and in the future.

3) Strict monitoring of Water Gremlin’s use of FluoSolv & Explore with independent experts alternatives to FluoSolv
Water Gremlin is using FluoSolv to replace TCE and they refer to FluoSolv as non-hazardous. Information we’ve gathered suggests that it contains known environmental toxins and that the impact of FluoSolv on health has not been well studied. Until more is known about that solvent’s potential health impact, and given that the company is surrounded by residential areas, we are advocating that the emission limits be set at a more conservative level than the limit currently specified in the stipulation agreement. We are also advocating for the use of greener alternatives to TCE, which are currently available on the market and being used with success in heavy industrial settings. We are monitoring the reporting requirements in the stipulation agreement and will act to ensure the community is protected according to the stipulation agreement.

4) Restrict further Water Gremlin expansion and permits
Until the White Bear area experiences significant improvement in corporate responsibility and corporate accountability, we are against further expansion of Water Gremlin’s facility. We will be working with the Township and adjacent cities on any zoning issue that could impact the residential neighborhoods and wetlands surrounding Water Gremlin. We are seeking public input and full transparency in the upcoming PCA permit renewal process for the company.