General Update – 9/2/19

Over the past two weeks, much has happened. The Water Gremlin coating operations, including tDCE, were shut down by the MPCA after results for testing were submitted to the MPCA by Water Gremlin. They were shut down for a number reasons, including reason #31: Water Gremlin has no control over the active release of tDCE and reason #28: Water Gremlin’s remedial investigation should not have shown any tDCE concentrations in the soil vapor. Its presence in the soil vapor is alarming because all emissions in the coating room are required to be emitted through the stack, and not under the Facility. And…they held on to this information for 38 days longer than the 2 day window they agreed to in the March Stipulation Agreement. (Reason #16.)

A community meeting has been hosted by the MPCA. Media has been covering the story. WCCO investigative reporting uncovered new aspects to the story. Senator Chamberlain requested various agencies and arms of the government to investigate both Water Gremlin and the MPCA handling of the situation.

Our goal is to 1) make sure we know what happened. 2) Make sure our community is protected as we move forward. And, 3) Ask for investigations into accountability – so that something like what happened in the White Bear area can be avoided here, and across the state of MN in the future.

This site is full of resources, points-of-view and links to media coverage. Explore it to learn more. Enough. Is. Enough.