This is why we fight.

An area citizen journaled some thoughts that have been keeping her up at night. When she shared them with a smaller group, we asked for permission to share with you. This isn’t edited perfectly; it’s her journal. But, read this to hear and understand her voice and know; we are not fighting just to fight. We are fighting because wrong has been done. And, we are fighting because we are afraid to see what the future holds for our loved ones.

Journal, 9/30/19. We have been victimized by the actions of Water Gremlin; and we live with the fear we will not know the true extent of damage to our lives or our environment for many years.  Cancer doesn’t show-up the next day after having been exposed, such as we have been.  Because of that, I worry about my kids, who have grown-up next door to Water Gremlin.  I worry about me.  I worry about the lives of others in our community.  

I hope we can get traction from MDH on an appropriate health study.  One that covers the “true population” who has been impacted.
* Those that once lived here, but no longer live in the area. 
* Those that were exposed because they attended school nearby. 
* Those that have worked at WG.  Today and in the past. 

A health study that looks at the population today, and then again down the road to see what the impacts of our exposure are.
I believe there will be a story there, if someone can capture the proper data.  Just look back to the piece done by Jennifer Mayerle with WCCO a few months back, where she had 6 or 8 people from our area talking about their illnesses, or talking about those who have died. Stories similar to the ones shared that night have been told by many others who live in the area.

Also, on another note. I trusted our government agencies to be doing what they should be doing to protect us.  Talk about an emotional ah-ha to find out that, for whatever reason, the MPCA was not able to protect me, my family, my community.  Joe Citizen or whomever should be able to TRUST the regulatory agencies to keep watch, and take action if appropriate.  But, it’s not happening. Just look around us today. This is no longer a White Bear issue, this is happening in Rosemount with Spectro Alloy. This is happening in Minneapolis with Northern Metals. This has happened in so many other places. This is also why we fight. To protect other communities.