SF 67 – Notification of Students & Staff of Environmental Hazards

January 31, 2021

Senator Roger Chamberlain
E-12 Chair

Dear Senator Chamberlain:

On behalf of the White Bear area Neighborhood Concerned Citizens’ Group, NCCG, I’m writing to express our support of SF 67

Among many lessons learned throughout the Water Gremlin debacle – was the need to notify all people who were impacted by the toxic pollution.  We learned there were obstacles we could not overcome, in the notification process, because students and staff attending schools that are physically located in the ‘red or orange zone’ technically *lived* outside the zone.  As a result, persons exposed to extreme levels of the toxic pollution from Water Gremlin were not notified of the exposure.  From a logic standpoint, this makes no sense. 

Both students and staff of schools deserve to have been notified about the exposure to TCE and other toxic chemicals. 

Please accept this letter as NCCG’s formal support of SF 67. 

Thank you. 

Respectfully submitted:
NCCG Board