Water Gremlin’s Hazardous Waste Violation(s) should warrant a quicker response.

With the release of the OLA (Office of Legislative Auditor) Report on February 11th, we have learned troubling information about Hazardous Waste violations tied to Water Gremlin’s operation.  We knew of the violations.  We’ve known a long time.  The new, and troubling revelation from the OLA report is that there are evidently jurisdictional issues – with respect to Ramsey County, which have undoubtedly slowed the process of investigation and actions by MPCA.  I’m asking how this was not known 10 months ago when the Haz Waste situation first crossed NCCG Radar screen. 

So not only have we endured at least 17 years of toxic TCE exposure, t-DCE exposure (also above the max levels indicated in the March 2019 Stipulation Agreement), mishandling of Lead at the plant – we also had Water Gremlin violating law regarding Hazardous Waste.

MPCA is aware, and has been telling us at Stakeholder Meetings for months and months that a fine and perhaps another Administrative Order is forthcoming.  NCCG has asked MPCA dozens of times about the status of their investigation into Hazardous Waste. 

At no point when asking about the Hazardous Waste fine / punitive action for Water Gremlin was NCCG told there was a jurisdictional issue with respect to the county (Ramsey) where WG operates. 

This is real.  This is happening right now.  We will be asking again, at the next Stakeholder’s meeting when we can expect closure on the Hazardous Waste Violation. 

This is but one arm of a very ugly, multi-armed beast we deal with all the time. 

We need better legislation or amendments to existing legislation to ensure all loopholes are closed.  Particularly with respect to serial offenders like Water Gremlin.  There simply can be NO repeat of history here.  Of what our community has endured.  It is terribly disappointing that Hazardous Waste Violation(s) by Water Gremlin didn’t warrant a quicker response or quicker closure on the part of MPCA. 

And by the way……..we still have no closure on the Hazardous Waste.  Have no idea what MPCA intends to do about the violation(s).  We have no idea about the accompanying fine.  Unacceptable.