Why Bother?

As our community group has grown; a question we have all been asked is “Why bother?…”

“…After all, what change do you actually think you are going to make, going up against a company like Water Gremlin? Do you actually think you are going to get legislatures to listen to you? Do you actually think the MDH or the MPCA will make changes?”

Each of us has our own answer for why we are doing this, and our answers are all different. (See below). But one thing we all know is this. Together our voice is amplified and, together, people and organizations are hearing us.


My husband got bladder cancer and both my neighbors died from cancer. We have lived in the area for over 25 years.

Sandy T.

This matters to me because people in the area should not have to worry about their health due to corporate greed, combined with negligence in oversight.

Denise G.

I’m concerned about the health and safety of the neighborhood. I’m concerned about the integrity of the environmental enforcement system.

Roger B.

Water Gremlin has shown themselves to be unethical and dishonest in their operations. If MPCA does not have adequate resources to monitor them, the community must act to keep them accountable.

Jan D.

I am concerned about toxins in our air and water. I am especially concerned about violators that we continue to let operate.

Kathie C.

We have lived in the Red Zone for 24 years. I was diagnosed, out of the blue, in 2006 with Leukemia and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Our lives have been dramatically affected and not in a good way, since my diagnosis 13 years ago. In the last 6 months, my lymphoma has mutated to a much more aggressive form. Chemo is much worse than any previous regimes. Next week, I will have my 30th round of chemo, with more to come. It is very disturbing to wonder if Water Gremlin’s unconscionable actions contributed to this hell we have been through.

P.S. & D.S.

I don’t think companies should be allowed to poison our environment. I want to live in a safe community and I’m seeing/hearing about 100+ cancer cases in the 1.5 mile zone.


I’m worried about the long term health effects to our health, with no oversight for 17 years. And, I’m really worried about the children who have been exposed during the 17 years…including the children who attend the elementary schools in “the zone’.

Deb S.

I firmly believe companies have a responsibility to their employees and local communities, in addition to having a responsibility for the bottom line. The more I research and study Water Gremlin, the more I see a company with a culture focused on revenue, regardless of the health risks posed to neighbors, employees and the environment. If regulatory agencies can not protect us, then I will make sure our citizen voice is heard and listened to.

Leigh T.

Living 500 feet from Water Gremlin for 32 years; TCE affects my entire family and grand children.

John B.

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