TCE Pollution. A decades old problem. It’s time to act.

The issue with TCE in White Bear is not a new issue to the state of MN. TCE pollution has impacted communities for years.

Last week, St. Louis Park Cancer Cluster/Reilly Tar Superfund Site found out that there has been a THIRD superfund site designated in their area.

SE Como/Minneapolis has been dealing with vapor intrusion issues in both residential and commercial buildings. Over the years, many vapor mitigation systems have been installed. More homes/business are identified as the pollution continues to move in the ground. And, these systems need maintenance over time.

And, Fridley has it’s own issues with TCE – as profiled by Erin Brockovich and Bob Bowcock.

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In addition to White Bear, Fridley and St. Louis Park, other communities impacted by TCE pollution include Bayport, SE Como/Minneapolis, Edina, New Brighton, Arden Hills and more. These communities have experienced TCE ground and water pollution. They have contaminated wells, soil vapor and soil vapor mitigation systems. TCE pollution from decades ago remains and is still causing serious (and expensive) environment and health harm.

Because TCE is a dangerous substance that is not easily controlled; many companies have made the move away from it. Some proactively and, some reactively because of their own emissions. These companies have found viable alternatives that mitigate risk to human and environmental health.

Since the Water Gremlin story hit the media, MnTap has received a record number of requests for help from companies who want to find alternatives. Cost-effective processes are possible and, because one simple mistake with TCE can have a long-term impact, it is time to phase out TCE use across the state of Minnesota.