MARCH 1, 2019 – March 1, 2020

March 1, 2020. One year ago today, our community learned about extensive problems at the Water Gremlin facility in White Bear Township. We had received a few notifications from the MPCA about TCE pollution and thought it was something that had been going on for a few months. We were concerned. Never did we imagine we would be learning out about 15+ years of highly excessive TCE emissions. How excessive? In 2018 alone, Water Gremlin SELF REPORTED emissions 120 tons of TCE into the air; against a permit of 10 tons per year.

Over the next year, the community would learn about other serious issues – like take-home lead that has caused elevated lead in blood for many children of employees. Or, the replacement chemical tDCE not being controlled and within weeks polluting the ground. And, we would learn about how the various layers of government (state, local, county and regulatory) work.

Go here to see 100s of pieces of media coverage from the past year, listed in order from most current to oldest. Start from the bottom and read up to watch the story unfold from our perspective. Or, to get caught up on the most current news, read from top to bottom.