Phasing out the use of TCE across the state of MN has been one of the areas of focus for NCCG and local and state legislatures during the 2020 legislative session. It’s one that so many people agree on that this is one of the few pieces of legislation that is continuing during our COVID environment. This legislation was proposed in 2019 and seemed as though it was on a fast track to pass. But, it failed at the last minute, behind closed doors. This year, legislatures, state agencies, communities, local government, citizens, republicans, democrats and even The MN Chamber of Commerce have worked together to put together a bill that all can agree too. While we don’t agree 100% on everything, we do all agree that this is the the time to get rid of TCE. There are other, safer alternatives available. There are many resources in the state, especially with MN TAP, to help businesses move away from TCE. And the harm already done to people’s health in communities like Fridely, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis and more is too severe. We can’t ignore this any longer.

The bill passed the Senate on Thursday April 30th. On Friday May 1, it passed through the Environment Finance committee and the House bill will be amended with the agreed upon language. Check out our news page for recent coverage and, let us know if you have any questions about the legislation and the intent behind it.