Water Gremlin is uncertain about claims against them of lead poisoning

June 2022: Water Gremlin claims to know nothing about take home lead poisoning. Are they seemingly rewriting history?

The Questions from Water Gremlin regarding Lead:

“…The MDH has never provided data to the Company regarding alleged cases of elevated blood lead levels in children of Water Gremlin employees. What were the ages of the children and the measured blood levels? How were samples collected and over what time period? Is there corresponding blood lead data for Water Gremlin employees of the same household? Did MDH visit homes to evaluate alternate sources of lead? Do the homes have lead water pipes? Do the children’s’ schools have lead in drinking fountains? Are there other exposures, such as lead in toy products? There are many more questions that MDH has failed to articulate before coming to the conclusion of elevated lead levels from take-home lead. Additionally, the Draft PHA asserts that a majority of Water Gremlin workers who were tested had high blood levels, but no additional information is provided. How many workers were tested out of the total number of employees? How many of the tested workers had blood lead levels considered to be elevated? What were the blood lead concentrations that the MDH describes as “high”?

Water Gremlin – here are resources for you regarding the lead poisoning attributed to Water Gremlin. Also, check the court case, including part where the Ramsey County judge called Water Gremlin “A public health nuisance.”


Source of Water Gremlin’s questions: June 9, 2022, Water Gremlin comments to the MDH Public Health Assessment. These comments can all be viewed on the MDH Water Gremlin page. Scroll to page 107 for the start of Water Gremlin remarks. Scroll back to page 90 for MDH responses to all of the comments, including Water Gremlin’s.