WB Township Passes Resolution in Support of MPCA Permit

Thank you Supervisor Ruzek for proposing and White Bear Township, Minnesota for passing a resolution on 9/7/2022 in support of the MPCA’s Proposed New Requirements in the Draft Permit of Water Gremlin.

WHEREAS, White Bear Township, hereinafter referred to as “Township”, is a political subdivision pursuant to the laws of the State of Minnesota located in Ramsey County;

AND WHEREAS, the Town’s top priority is for the health, safety and welfare of its residents;

AND WHEREAS, the Town consistently strives to have a safe and clean environment for its residents with an emphasis on clean air quality and safe soils for its residents;

AND WHEREAS, Water Gremlin is a manufacturer of fishing sinkers and lead battery components in the Town;

AND WHEREAS, Water Gremlin is in a permitting process for its operation, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (hereinafter “MPCA”) is proposing to impose new requirements to Water Gremlin and its permit;

AND WHEREAS, MPCA staff has studied extensively the operations of Water Gremlin and in the permitting process, has recommended new limits in operating requirements to Water Gremlin’s air permit;


1. The Town supports the proposed new limits and operating requirements in the new permit to Water Gremlin. The Town supports specifically the following:

a) The permit expires in five years which allows MPCA to reevaluate the total facility on a regular basis.

b) The Town supports a greater number of emission limits and new operating requirements to limit pollution.

c) The Town supports that Water Gremlin must adhere to more stringent requirements to demonstrate compliance with the permit. Primary requirements include, but are not limited to, record keeping, calculations, stack testing and reporting, as well as back-up (secondary methods) to verify the reliability of the primary methods.

d) The Town supports the new requirements for continued ambient monitoring of t-DCE around the Water. Gremlin facility. The monitoring results must be reported regularly.

e) The Town supports the dedication of the Neighborhood Concerned Citizens Group and residents working with the MPCA.

f) The Town supports the efforts and time dedication of the MPCA and its expertise in the permit process.

The motion for the adoption of the foregoing Resolution was duly seconded by Supervisor McCune, and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof: Prudhon, Ruzek, McCune; and the following voted against the same: None.

Whereupon said Resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.